Recent Interviews with VT Treasurer Beth Pearce, States Atty TJ Donovan, Asst Judge Charley Delaney

The monthly Chittenden County Democrats Show is broadcast on Channel 17 CCTV in Burlington, VT, on the first Monday of each month unless pre-empted by a holiday or station programming.  It features local and state officials and leaders interviewed by hosts Bob Hooper, Treasurer of the Chittenden County Democratic Committee, and State Representative Mike Yantachka of Charlotte. The shows are broadcast live at 5:25 PM and can be streamed online in real time or viewed afterword at

Guests that appeared in recent months include VT Treasurer Beth Pearce on the July 6th show, Chittenden County States Attorney TJ Donovan on August 3rd, and Chittenden County Assistant Judge Charley Delaney on October 5th.

Treasurer Pearce discussed Vermont's current fiscal situation noting that Vermont's bond rating is AAA.  She also provided a status update on the state employees' and teachers' retirement funds.

States Attorney Donovan discussed his efforts at tackling the drug addiction problem and his focus on court diversion, the program that helps offenders avoid criminal prosecution by their involvement in reparative community service and counseling.

Assistant Judge Delaney discussed the role of "Side" Judges in the judicial system and county government.  Side judges also serve as county administrators and oversee the county budget.

The interviews can be seen below.

Vermont Treasurer Beth Pearce    7/6/2015

States Attorney TJ Donovan    8/3/2015

Assistant Judge Charley Delaney    10/5/2015