Re-Election Campaign Page

Mike Yantachka
State Representative
for Charlotte-Hinesburg
Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Representative for the past six years.
I would appreciate your support for another term.

  My work in the 2015-2016 legislature:
þ  Helped write and pass legislation to increase local input on siting energy projects
þ  Helped write and pass legislation to protect the health of Vermont’s forests and to protect landowners from timber theft
þ  Supported legislation to clean up Vermont’s lakes and streams and protect pollinators from insecticides leading to colony collapse
þ  Supported working Vermonters by increasing Vermont’s minimum wage and guaranteeing earned sick leave
þ  Supported legislation to enhance economic development by expanding the first-time homebuyer down payment assistance
þ  Helped write and pass legislation protecting the rights of small equipment dealers to fair reimbursement for warranty work
þ Supported Ban-the-Box, Driver License Restoration,  and victim notification
þ  Supported the right to vote with automatic voter registration, online voter registration and same-day voter registration

          Click here for my priorities in 2017.

Working for you, Working for Vermont

I will continue working to:
 þ     protect our environment by supporting clean air and water standards
 þ     support renewable energy and weatherization
 þ     reform education funding with less reliance on property taxes
 þ     support sustainable family farms and forest management
 þ     encourage a strong, entrepreneurial business climate
 þ   ensure effective public safety and consumer protection policies
 þ   support universal background checks for all gun sales 
 þ maintain a solid transportation and communications infrastructure 

Endorsed by: Vermont Conservation Voters, Sierra Club, GunSenseVT, VSEA, VT AFL-CIO, American Federation of Teachers (AFT)