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Mike Yantachka
State Representative
for Charlotte-Hinesburg

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Representative for the past ten years.
I would appreciate your support for another term.

Register to VOTE Online:

Primary election: August 11, 2020
General election: November 3, 2020
Vote in person or by mail.

  My work in the 2019-2020 legislature:

þ   Sponsored and passed legislation to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels with energy efficiency funding for businesses, electric vehicle incentives, and weatherization programs for homeowners
þ  Supported legislation to help Vermont individuals, businesses and communities respond to the Coronavirus pandemic
þ  Helped Vermonters navigate the Unemployment Insurance (UI) and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) programs during the COVID-19 shutdown
þ  Co-sponsored the Global Warming Solutions Act to require Vermont to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions in response to climate change
þ  Co-sponsored legislation to protect victims of domestic violence and revise police use-of-force criteria and training in unbiased policing
þ  Supported working Vermonters by voting to increase Vermont’s minimum wage and establish a paid family leave insurance program
þ  Supported expanding workers' compensation to cover mental health services for first responders
þ  Supported legislation to maintain funding for our schools with a minimal increase in property taxes due to COVID-related impacts


Working for you, Working for Vermont

I am working for a Vermont that works for all of us.
Vermont families deserve a healthy environment, an excellent public education system, safe communities, and economic opportunity.

Endorsed by:
Sierra Club, Vermont Conservation Voters, Moms Demand Action, American Federation of Teachers AFL-CIO, Professional Firefighters of Vermont (PFFV)