New Way to Buy Local:

There's a new farmstand in town.  A virtual farmstand.  It's online and you can get there from here: 

It's a way for anyone in Charlotte who grows or produces extra veggies, dairy products, etc., to market their produce.  The website was developed by Joe Messingschlager and a number of farmers in Charlotte and in Addison County.  According to the website, 

"Farmstand believes that everyone in Charlotte should have access to fresh local food, whether they garden or not. By increasing local food consumption, we can help build community resilience and sustainable capacity.

"We are working with a range of local growers to ensure that there will always be fresh food for sale through and we particularly encourage very small family farmers or gardeners who have only small amounts of highly-seasonal produce to use this site. Summer 2010 is our pilot season."

"Farmstand Co-op aims to:
• Enable Charlotters to enjoy fresh locally grown produce at their convenience at fair prices
• Encourage small-scale producers to grow what they’re good at
• Support Charlotte farmers and gardeners
• Reduce food miles and carbon footprint
• Help build community resilience and capacity"

Check it out and see for yourself.