A Change of Focus

After campaigning for several months for the State Senate, I have decided to change my focus and run for the Charlotte-Hinesburg (Chittenden 1-2) seat in the Vermont House of Representatives.  My decision to change direction comes in the wake of Rep. Scott Orr's decision not to run for re-election. 

By running for the House seat, I look forward to representing my community of Charlotte and my neighbors in the Hinesburg part of the district in a more immediate relationship, and I will continue to support the same values and goals that I have previously expressed.  I expect to conduct a door-to-door campaign this summer to talk with the people of Charlotte and Hinesburg about the issues on their minds and to let them know why I would like to represent them in the House.  I believe that my extensive involvement in the Charlotte community over the past 25 years has provided me with a good base to work from.

To all my friends and supporters throughout Chittenden County, I am grateful for your support and I will continue working for the same goals as before, i.e. to insure that government serves the governed by providing a framework within which individuals can become productive citizens in a growing economy, a vibrant community, and a healthy environment.