Joanna Cole, Burlington
"Mike Yantachka will be an asset in the Statehouse. I have seen how hard he works for a better Vermont. We served together on the Chittenden County Democratic Committee when he was the Chair. I know Mike will work hard for us and be innovative. We need more people like Mike in the Statehouse, who are talented with numbers, helping us with these challenging economic times. Join me in endorsing Mike Yantachka for State Representative!"

Philip Baruth, Burlington, candidate for State Senate
"It is my hope that I can serve with Mike Yantachka in the Legislature, in that he’s shifted his focus to the House race out in Charlotte.  Apart from being a very nice person generally, Mike combines impressive people skills with a talent for budgets and numbers, two skillsets that rarely go hand in hand. He made things happen as Chair of the Chittenden County Democrats, and I look forward to watching him light a fire in the House."

John Howe, Charlotte
"You get a good sense about what kind of representative Mike will be for us just by the preparation he has put into this website, the care he uses in crafting language and his thinking about the important issues for Vermont. I have known Mike as our Town Democratic Committee Chair and as the County Chair. In both positions he has demonstrated skill in balancing the views of others, speaking respectfully of the opposition and keeping informed on issues. I think Mike is going to be the kind of representative who will keep voters in Charlotte and Hinesburg informed, responds to telephone and email messages promptly and posts regular updates of his work in House committees on his website and in our local papers. From my perspective as a progressive I see Mike as someone who sees the importance of making long term investments in the State's economy by supporting education, job training, green manufacturing and public works to help Vermonters weather through this recession. Mike supports working Vermonters and is unafraid to confront Entergy and the Health Insurance lobby to insure that we achieve safe, renewable energy and universal affordable health care. Please join me by casting your vote for Mike this August and again in November."