Petitions Filed! Next Target: The Primary Election - August 24th

Yesterday was the deadline for candidates running for state offices to file their petitions to be on the ballot.  My petitions have been duly filed with the Charlotte Town Clerk, and my candidacy for the Charlotte-Hinesburg House seat is official.  My goal now is to win the primary election to be the Democratic nominee on August 24th!

My door-to-door campaign has begun, and I am looking forward to meeting a lot of new people and gauging the pulse of our community with respect to the various issues and what the legislature should be doing.  I expect the economy and the tax burden to be at the top of the list (again), as well as the expected decommissioning of Vermont Yankee and sources of replacement power, the rising costs of health care coverage, and efforts to maintain a clean environment. 

Communication between our community and our representative in the legislature is a major concern as well.  I hope to be available by phone, by email, through this website, and in person not only during this election season, but while I am serving in the legislature as well.

I look forward to serving you, and I ask for your support in the upcoming primary and general elections.