Issues 2010

In these challenging economic times the most pressing problem for Vermont government is how to balance the state budget.  The 2009 budget was starkly reduced because of reduced revenues and passed only because the legislature overrode Governor Douglas' veto.  Revenues have once again fallen behind original projections and required the legislature and the Governor to try to find the proper balance between cuts and tax increases.  There is probably no one that has an definitive solution to the problem of balancing state revenues with expenditures.  This problem will continue to be an issue for the 2010 election and the elected officials who will have to deal with it in January, 2011.

As pressing as the budget problem is, there are other issues that are just as important and which are directly affected by it.  It is the responsibility of each legislator, whether in the House or the Senate, to weigh the pros and cons of each and every reduction in services as well as every tax increase that will be necessary to keep Vermont's government vital and viable.  In addition, there are policy decisions to be made that will affect the future direction of Vermont and our ability to maintain a healthy economy, a healthy environment and a healthy population.  Each of the issues below require attention and should be factors in your decision on whom to send to Montpelier in 2010.

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